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Residential Fire Protection
The Silent Killer

The most significant threats, are often in plain sight.

Condos and Multi-Family Homes

Municipal requirements often dictate that smoke detectors, CO detectors, or other potentially life saving devices be linked together within the unit or dwelling, to alert occupants to the potential hazards that exist. As a division of Olson Electric, Sunshine Coast Fire Protection has been installing interconnected devices as well as complete fire alarm systems all across the Sunshine Coast. Our staff is knowledgeable, professional, and happy to answer questions relating to your construction or renovation.

Pre-Certified Fire Extinguishers

Need an extinguisher for your garage or vehicle? Sunshine Coast Fire Protection sells fire extinguishers which have been pre-certified as conforming to manufacturer specifications.

We also do fire extinguisher service and maintenance on the following types of portable fire extinguishers:
• ABC Drychem Extinguishers 
• Class A, Extinguishers (Water)
• Class  K Fire Extinguishers ( Foam)
• CO2 fire extinguishers 

Smoke and Combination Detectors

Devices which detect a myriad of hazards like smoke and CO are common place inside homes and dwellings. Early warning is the key to survival in an emergency.  Placed near entrances to bedrooms, a simple detector can save the lives of you or those you love. 

Detectors are only rated to operate reliably for 10 years, it is important to be aware of the replace-by date on your detectors. Modern detectors will intermittently beep if they have surpassed their 10 year life. 

It is important to regularly test your detectors. Our staff have encountered a number of smoke detectors that have suffered faults leaving them inoperable for years before it was noticed they did not work.

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