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Fire Alarm Systems
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Fire Alarms are our specialty

As a division of Olson Electric, Sunshine Coast Fire Protection installs and maintains fire alarm systems for our clients across the coast. Our services include the annual testing, reporting and repairs for fire alarms and sprinkler systems as per ASTTBC Standards.

What are the tags about?

Manufacturers and municipalities recommend and require that life safety equipment be regularly tested. The tags are your verification that a device has been tested, and supplies you with a summary of the results. 

Important aspects of your tags are:
- Inspection summary, Pass / Fail
- When was it last checked.
- When is it due to be checked again.
- Who was it checked by.

 Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC is a regulatory organization that aims to improve standards and practices. Our inspections always conform to ASTTBC standards., and many municipalities require ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technicians (RFPTs) maintain and inspect critical life safety systems such as fire alarms and emergency equipment.

Backflow & Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems often use oiled iron pipe, they are generally not designed to carry drinking water. Backflow valves are a critical part of a fire sprinkler system, they prevent the oil and iron contaminated water in the sprinkler system from entering the drinking water supply. Our technicians are experienced with sprinkler and backflow systems. Yearly testing of the backflow valves ensures they are sealing properly.
By testing your sprinkler system's interaction with the alarm system, you can have peace of mind that the alarms will operate as intended in the event of an emergency.

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