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Exit & Emergency Lights

Sunshine Coast Fire Protection has a lot of experience with exit and emergency lighting, be it installation, testing, upgrades, or repairs. 

We've been shining some light on emergency equipment for years, and our staff is ready to answer questions on your new or existing space.
Exit & Emergency Lights need to be tested annually to make sure their rechargeable batteries and lamps perform for a minimum duration (typically 30 minutes) that meet manufacturer specifications. A healthy fixture can easily pass a 30 minute test, failures will indicate either an end-of-line battery, or an improperly designed system.

Fire codes have a tendency to change as the regulatory organizations adjust to unique incidents that occur. You may end up being required to change your lighting system, Sunshine Coast Fire Protection can get you to where you need to be.

The rechargeable batteries used in emergency lighting have a typical lifespan of 3 to 5 years, we stock all standard batteries, and are able to leave your repaired unit with an inspection tag that reflects repairs done. The majority of lighting units on the coast use incandescent lamps, as the price for rated LED lamps is still quite high. Lighting units that use incandescent lamps and are subject to vibration tend to require frequent bulb replacement, in some cases its enough to be aware of the situation, other times it may be worth while to upgrade to LED.

Commercial Fire Extinguishers come in many types and sizes, but all need to be checked at least annually to ensure it will work correctly when you need it. Leaving things to chance is not only against the law in many municipalities, it can be potentially life threatening. Please observe the following maintenance schedule for various types of extinguishers:

- Dry- Chemical BC/ABC:  Internal inspection every 6 years, hydrostatic testing  every 12 years.
- CO2 : Hydrostatic testing  every 5 years.
-Water Based A and AK: Hydrostatic testing every 5 years.

Fire & Emergency Plans

Does your building need a Provincial Fire Plan? We can help! From on-site to placard, we can help draft, and produce your plan.  Sunshine Coast Fire Protection has resources and experience to satisfy your plan requirements.

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